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We drive on through the dark night. I let my fingers run across my breasts, across my stomach and underneath my dress. I can feel how my heartbeat is making my skin throb.When all you can think about the day after your wild 30th Birthday party is how you need a good fuck, it‘s time to do something about it. She can‘t wait any longer. She wants sex, even if that‘s all it is. It should be passionate and it should happen now. She sells her most expensive Birthday present and orders a taxi. Her next destination is whoever she matches with first on Tinder...This short story is published in collaboration with the Swedish filmproducer Erika Lust. Her intention is to depict human nature and diversity through stories of passion, intimacy, lust and love in a fusion of powerful stories and erotica.Lea Lind is an author of erotic stories. Tinder Taxi is her first short story.Fil størrelse: 20979 KBIndlæst af: Christina May

  • Navn: Tinder Taxi - Sexy erotica
  • Format: E-bog, ePub, PDF, FB2, MOBI
  • Forfattere: Lea Lind
  • Sprog: Dansk